See How a Facebook User’s car was damaged by a commercial vehicle due to failed break and recklessness

A facebook user Kamar A Hammed shared his experience on how his car was damaged by a commercial bus on a Lagos road. please read below:

Few weeks ago I was one of the victim of this LT Commercial vehicle failed break and eventually the driver ran away, but the Police to tow the Vehicle belief me up till now the driver never show up. My take is that if this Vehicle killed people in the cause what would have happen? I think nothing. What are the measure Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation are taking to control and checkmate all this Yellow Bus commercial vehicle using to convey passengers daily? Are we going to continue looking and this people are risking people’s live daily. Believe me most of this driver don’t have driver license, they don’t value people life and property, most of their vehicle are off road. So it is high time Lagos State MOT should wake up to their responsibility and cart away all these off road vehicle and checkmate the drivers on the wheel daily. Not only to collect N50 for their hand at the expense of life of Lagosian. #LASTMA#LagosYellowBus.


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