At the opening of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)Holy Congress, Pastor Enoch Adeboye was quoted as saying;

“If you buy a car with a money you didn’t earn lawfully, you’ll be riding in a moving coffin”

The statement obviously did not go down well with UK based Gay activist as he blasted the General overseer.

He said;

This man is irresponsible and vile. He is the same man that buys private jet with stolen money and lay curses on his congregation if they fail to pay tithe

PastorEAAdeboye’s income thrives on the corruption of the political class and the vulnerability of the poor in his church. This is the same man that asked for N1b donation in his church in a country with almost 40% unemployment rate

According to @Forbes in March 2009, Pastor Adeboye spent “$30 million on a Gulfstream jet amidst widespread criticism.” Pastor Adeboye has no job about from being a pastor. He is a rich pastor in a rich country of poor people. See why he is a fraud?

With this tweet, @PastorEAAdeboye assumes that his fraudulent ways of stealing money from his followers is somehow lawful, and hence his private jets are not flying coffins.

Bisi Alimi is a Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, blog writer and HIV/LGBT advocate who gained international attention when he became the first Nigerian to come out of the closet on television.

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